MMR Field Professionals Provide Mentorship to Students Through MMR University’s Construction Internship Program

Pepper Rutland
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August 7, 2023

BATON ROUGE, LA — MMR is proud to recognize the contribution of its field mentors, who play a valuable role in shaping the professional growth of its interns through the MMR University (MMR-U) Internship Program.

Fourteen MMR employees were specially selected in the spring to serve as field mentors for MMR-U interns completing summer field placements at jobsites across the U.S. The interns joined MMR’s newly-launched learning and development program, MMR University, in January and traveled to their summer field assignment locations after completing their first semester. MMR strategically paired interns with experienced field professionals who provided personal mentorship throughout the completion of students’ field placement.

“We are proud to recognize the MMR University field mentors for providing seasoned expertise and guidance to the next generation of industry professionals,” said MMR President/CEO James B. “Pepper” Rutland. “Their commitment to share invaluable wisdom with our interns embodies the core values of MMR. By fusing skilled craftsmanship and earnest mentorship, students are further prepared to succeed upon entering the workforce.”

MMR-U field mentors ensured students’ safety and oversaw the successful completion of their learning goals for the summer. Each mentor supervised one to two interns during their field placement as well as selected and provided oversight to any individual working with the student. To reward their willingness and dedication to participate in the program, MMR presented mentors with gift boxes filled with a shirt, hat, koozie, embroidered patch and personal letter of gratitude from the MMR-U team.

The field mentorship program is a part of MMR-U’s mission to provide personal, intentional training to all employees. Field mentors are carefully chosen to work closely with students as they progress through their field placements. As mentors share their wealth of knowledge with interns, they play an integral role in keeping MMR at the forefront of industry best practices and shaping the future of its workforce.

MMR University currently offers a competitive construction internship program to post-secondary students that utilizes digital learning environments, in-person instruction, hands-on lessons and one-on-one mentorship with seasoned professionals. As the program evolves, educational offerings will be expanded to include upskilling, specialization, lifelong learning and leadership development for all MMR employees. To learn more about MM-U, visit:

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Pepper Rutland

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